About Us

FREN-O (aka FrenOlympics)

Fren-O is an annual games day for super athletes (aka big kids) who are looking to relive the camaraderie and fun of sports day! It is a rhythm-driven, alcohol-infused, 'shit talk the other team till you're blue', have the laughs of your life, vibe. Bring your food, bring your drinks, and cheers to life! 

We remembered our Primary School sports days in the Caribbean which consisted of relays, 3-legged and bunny hop races, sprints and other silly but ridiculously fun games, and thought as adults we needed to return to those frivolous days. The camaraderie and competitiveness that bubbles up from a day at FrenOlympics is unforgettable. We guarantee you'll cry with laughter just recounting stories of wins and losses, and you'll eagerly look forward to the next year's event. Thank you for your continued patronage, for the memories, and the laughs, and we are forever grateful that our FrenOlympians always do best to raise funds to donate to our charities of choice! We can't wait to keep making unforgettable events that challenge and entertain year after year.

Jason & Farrah


What's with the name?
Trinidadian colloquial for the word Friend = Fren
The games are our own version of an "Olympic Games" = O
Hence: Fren-O