FrenOlympics Corporate focuses on team building activities within a physically active and social environment. Our program emphasizes teamwork as your entire team will need to work together in order to complete the challenges successfully. Unlike many other team building programs, FrenOlympics promotes a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of being outdoors and staying active is highlighted throughout.

FrenOlympics is also a unique experience in that it allows your team to relive the best and most carefree days of their lives. Your teams will have nonstop fun while also collaborating and trusting, which will directly translate into a positive effect on your company culture, productivity, turnover and ultimately, your bottom line.

A FrenOlympics experience will increase your employee engagement and help turn your team into a family you can succeed with. 


The Best!

"One of the best times you can have! Your body might be sore later but it’s soooo worth it!"

— @llennodc


"Adult Team Sporting Activities...$ Team Jerseys & Alcohol...$$
Fun & Deep Belly Laughs...Priceless"

— Shauna W.

Adult Playtime

"Best adult playtime ever. I literally put everything on the line for my team to win the tug-of-war event!"

— Michael L.