FrenOlympics X brings all the vibes of a large event and scales it for your own Xclusive private party.

All of the production elements of a main event are included, with the added benefit of being able to personalize it with your own theme, style, custom games, music and food. This is the perfect event for birthdays, weddings, backyard jams and holiday celebrations.

FrenOlympics X is the ultimate friend Xperience if you want to be a little Xtra with your crew. Make unforgettable and Xciting, memories with the ones you cherish the most.

The Best!

"One of the best times you can have! Your body might be sore later but it’s soooo worth it!"

— @llennodc


Adult Team Sporting Activities...$ Team Jerseys & Alcohol...$$
Fun & Deep Belly Laughs...Priceless

— Shauna W.

Adult Playtime

"Best adult playtime ever. I literally put everything on the line for my team to win the tug-of-war event!"

— Michael L.