FrenOlympics Sport is the charity arm of our company. At every event we partner with a charity that focuses on either current health issues (Susan G Koman), social issues ( or helps children in need (Alpha Boys School). These are just some examples of the amazing non-profit organizations that we've partnered with. You can see the full list of charitable organizations here.

Event registration is open to the public and is most definitely the funnest day you will have with your friends. Relive the carefree memories that you had as a kid on sports day, but with a 21+ twist, as most of the games include adult beverages 🍻.

FrenOlympics Sport is a day of friendly competition, semi-athletic prowess and drinking stamina, so bring along your friends and you're guaranteed to meet new ones.

The Best!

"One of the best times you can have! Your body might be sore later but it’s soooo worth it!"

— @llennodc


Adult Team Sporting Activities...$ Team Jerseys & Alcohol...$$
Fun & Deep Belly Laughs...Priceless

— Shauna W.

Adult Playtime

"Best adult playtime ever. I literally put everything on the line for my team to win the tug-of-war event!"

— Michael L.