What is FrenOlympics?

F R E N O L Y M P I C S is an annual games day for super athletes (aka big kids) who are looking to relive the camaraderie and fun of sports day! It is a riddim driven, alcohol-infused, shit talk the other team till you're blue, have the laughs of your life, vibe.

What are the games and how do we play?

The games change every year. We try to think up new challenges to keep you on your toes. There are always the crowd favorites such as flip cup and tug-o-war that are good old faithfuls at every event.

When you arrive we have a captains meeting - your captains are important to your team's success. They disseminate information to their team and strategize for the win! At the first captains meeting we discuss the flow of the day and give the game rules. Before each game starts the ref will review the rules and then it's game time. Some games are run in heats with a final to determine the winner (each heat winner is awarded points as well as the overall winner), some games involve all teams at once. 

There is no scoreboard, each ref keeps score and hands it in to the main score-keeper, we announce the winning team at the end of the event.

There is no grand prize, there may be some swag and giveaways, but we intentionally do this because your real prize is unleashing your competitive spirit, bonding with your friends...and oh yeah bragging rights for the next year.

Contesting a Ref's call...
We do our best to monitor the games and make the best calls we can. There is human error, this is ultimately for fun. Please don't wage a war over a wheelbarrow or bunny-hop, it's not a good look. If you'd like to question a call, we will confer with the other refs and make a decision. Referee's decisions are final.

How do I register?
It’s easy! CLICK HERE, either create your team or join an existing one, enter your contact information, click the waiver and you’re good to go! A confirmation will be emailed to you and verified on games day.

How do I create a team?
It’s easy! CLICK HERE, click create a team, enter your team name, a unique team password, share the word with your squad, and have them register as part of your team.

How many players per team?
Team must be a minimum of 4 frens and must be mixed in gender (at least 2 ladies per team)

What do I receive on games day?
As a FrenOlympian you will have exclusive access to all games and game zones. Drinks will be included for some games, music will be pumping from morning, and having a good time is mandatory. We recommend that your team brings a tent, as we are all-day in the sun. Many teams brings snacks and drinks (No glass bottles). Food is provided with your registration fee and food trucks are present for lots of yummy treats.

Can I bring my own food?
Absolutely! Bring your cooler packed up with whatever you desire. Part of the beauty of FrenOlympics is that you’re with your friends having a fun day out with food and drinks, making your memories.

Hungry Belly
Food and drink will also be on sale at the event.

What do I do on games day?
When you arrive there will be a registration area for players. Come thru, get a band, set up your team tent/ area, pour a drink and get ready for the games. You have a duty to enjoy yourself with your fren and dem to the fullest!

The Best!

"One of the best times you can have! Your body might be sore later but it’s soooo worth it!"

— @llennodc


Adult Team Sporting Activities...$ Team Jerseys & Alcohol...$$
Fun & Deep Belly Laughs...Priceless

— Shauna W.

Adult Playtime

"Best adult playtime ever. I literally put everything on the line for my team to win the tug-of-war event!"

— Michael L.